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contrAA® 800 F is the compact High-Resolution Continuum Source atomic absorption spectrometer for flame and hydride technique. It provides fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis using flame technique in a flexible working range, from traces up to high concentrations. Coupling with the hydride technique enables the determination of hydride-forming elements, such as antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, or tin.

For more information about the High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS technique please visit the contrAA® series page.

contrAA® 800 F — Your Benefits:

  • Just one light source for all elements – each element and each line can be measured at any time
  • Unique simultaneous background correction
  • Fast-sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • High sample throughput
  • Rapid readiness for measurement
  • Easy to operate and robust




ASpect CS has been specifically developed for multi-element analysis with the contrAA®. In addition to a fast sequential determination of different elements in one sample several element lines in the spectrum window can be analyzed simultaneously. Automatic optimization routines find the optimum measuring conditions for every application. Automatic correction routines (ABC) provide a simultaneous correction of complex structured background. Spectral interferences are resolved using matrix correction spectra (CSI).

ASpect CS — Your Benefits

  • Simultaneous multi-element analysis
  • Free definition of the integration range of each line
  • Simultaneous background correction
  • Efficient correction of spectral interferences
  • Easy creation of analytical methods for one or several elements
  • Optimization routines for optimal measuring conditions
  • Manipulation-protected data storage
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance  

ABC — Automatic Baseline Correction
The unprecedented ABC algorithm for background correction convinces by automatically fitting a global baseline to the entire spectral background. Unlike conventional correction methods, contrAA® allows to visually verify the background correction within the HD Spectrum. Confidence in the measured values is increased as you can see what you measure!

CSI-Software-Tool — Correction of Spectral Interferences

Although spectral interferences are reduced to a minimum due to the high spectral resolution of the contrAA®, sometimes spectral interference caused by matrix elements or molecular bands have to be corrected. The CSI software tool allows for an easy and efficient correction of such interferences. Thanks to its patented least-square algorithm CSI is the most powerful tool for correcting spectral interference, thus improving detection sensitivity, method robustness and productivity of your analytics.


Autosampler systems for flame, hydride and atomic fluorescence technique

  • AS-F und AS-FD — autosamplers for flame technique
  • Make the routine analysis of standards and samples almost fully automatic

Modular hydride systems

  • Flow injection as well as batch mode available
  • Systems can be upgraded at any time – it “grows” with the lab’s requirements
  • Easy exchange between all configurations
  • Color-coded tubing connections and flow scheme – easy replacement of consumables
  • Upgrade to HydrEA, easy exchange between mercury/hydride and HydrEA
  • Special mercury accessories
  • Fast Baseline Return drastically reduces the measurement time for mercury
  • Fully compliant with all applicable DIN, ISO, EPA and ASTM methods for mercury and hydride analysis

 “Segmented Flow Star SFS 6”

  • Two-way module for software-controlled metering of smallest volumes via time control
  • Reduces risk of burner head slit blocking due to continuous intensive rinsing
  • Minimizes necessity of cleaning intervals of the sample introduction system
  • Minimizes problems while analyzing samples with high matrix contents (high acid and salt contents, protein etc.)
  • Improves base line stability of the spectrometer (constant flame temperature)
  • Can additionally be used for the analysis of organic solvents
  • Complete maintenance free operation


  • Allows software controlled periodical cleaning during flame warm up and during sample measurements
  • Ensures stable flame conditions

All AAS accessories


contrAA® 800 F is perfectly suited for the fast-sequential or simultaneous multi-element analysis. The sample throughput for multi-element analysis of the new generation of contrAA® meets the level of simultaneous ICP-OES instruments.
In addition to the traditional use for the determination of various metals, the HR-CS AAS can also be applied for the analysis of non-metals, such as phosphorus, sulfur or halogens. In connection with the hydride technique contrAA® 800 F can be used for the determination of hydride forming elements, e.g. antimony, arsenic, bismuth, selenium, or tin.

The HR-CS AAS can be applied in nearly all fields of instrumental analysis. Thanks to its numerous analytical advantages, for both routine as well as research, it always provides the ideal solution.

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Atomic Absorption. Redefined. — AAS contrAA® Series

As a link between standard AAS instruments and ICP-OES the atomic absorption spectrometers of the contrAA® series combine the best of two worlds: rapid sequential and simultaneous multi-element analysis, ease of handling and manageable costs.

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