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High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS contrAA® 800 – Multi Element

Multi Element

A Xenon short arc lamp provides a continuous emission spectrum across the entire relevant wavelength range used in AAS. Any element and any wavelength can be analyzed simply by software selection. This also includes molecular absorption bands, which can be used for the analysis of non-metals, e.g. the halogens or sulfur. At the same time secondary wavelengths are available to extend the dynamic range towards higher concentrations. The continuous spectrum furthermore enables screening analyses of unknown samples.

The light intensity of the Xenon short arc lamp is significantly higher than with traditional light sources (hollow cathode lamps). It provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio resulting in improved detection limits and better accuracy.

Multi Element — Your Benefits

  • Multi-element capability by full spectral coverage (185 to 900 nm)
  • A single light source for all elements
  • Use of secondary wavelengths
  • Extended application range: determination of non-metals and molecules
  • No alignment or optimization of the lamp required
  • Low operating costs
  • Increased productivity
High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS contrAA® 800 – High-Resolution Optics

High-Resolution Optics

Due to the high-resolution spectrometer and a CCD detector contrAA® 800 produces a highly resolved absorption spectrum for each sample. At a resolution more than one hundred times higher than traditional AAS monochromators, atomic absorption lines are displayed in their natural shape and width. Interferences from other atomic and molecular absorption structures are reduced to a minimum.

High-Resolution Optics — Your Benefits

  • High resolution – less interferences, more details
  • Improved method robustness
  • Outstanding wavelength accuracy and repeatability
  • High light throughput – excellent signal-to-noise ratio – excellent limits of detection
  • Exceptional long-term stability
High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS contrAA® 800 – HD Spectrum

HD Spectrum

Highly resolved spectra provide comprehensive and extremely detailed information about the sample. Their three-dimensional display in a 3D spectrum allows for a correct evaluation of the absorption lines and their spectral background. Furthermore it provides additional information about other elements present in the sample, which can be quantified simultaneously if required. Thus, the spectrum also provides a valuable tool for method development.

Modern software tools facilitate data evaluation. An automatic background correction routine corrects spectral background and lamp intensity fluctuations by means of baseline evaluation. Direct spectral interferences can easily be corrected using matrix correction spectra. All necessary corrections are performed simultaneously, directly in the spectrum.

HD Spectrum — Your Benefits

  • Qualitative identification of all sample elements
  • Simultaneous quantitative multi-element evaluation
  • 2D/3D spectrum simplifies method development
  • Line identification tool
  • Interference warning
  • Simultaneous correction of background and spectral interferences
High-Resolution Continuum Source AAS contrAA® 800 – Dynamic Mode

Dynamic Mode

The Dynamic Mode allows an automatic or manual adjustment of the dynamic working range of the instrument according to the concentrations encountered in samples. It enables a calibration over a concentration range of up to five orders of magnitude. This allows measurements of ultra-trace- and major elements in the same sample with a single method. Thus contrAA® offers a dynamic range similar to that of ICP-OES instruments.

Multiple sample dilutions are a matter of the past and an adaptation to higher concentrations is possible even if no secondary wavelengths are available.

Dynamic Mode — Your Benefits

  • Extended working range
  • Connection of calibrations for the determination of ultra-trace up to major concentrations
  • Continuous calibration across up to 5 orders of magnitude
  • Simplified sample preparation – determination of all elements from the same solution

Learn more: Technical Note Dynamic Mode

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