multi EA® 4000 for Macro-Elemental Analysis

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Environmental analysis

The multi EA® 4000 offers precise and reliable environmental analysis and is incredibly easy to use. It guarantees you the fully automated determination of the environmentally relevant parameters TC, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC in soil, sediments, waste, minerals and other inorganic solids.

Elemental analysis

The multi EA® 4000 stands for fast, low-maintenance macro elemental analysis. It enables you to determine the parameters TS and TC in inorganic and organic solids straightforwardly and simultaneously. TX determination is no problem at all. Furthermore, additional options allow the speciation of carbon — TOC, TIC, EC, OC, and BOC.

Advantages at a glance

  • For sample weights up to 3 g, no laborious sample homogenization
  • The High Temperature Ceramic Technology (HTC) is extremely robust and needs no catalyst; it is easy to run precise analyses, even with aggressive and corrosive samples at high temperatures up to 1500 °C

Determination of carbon sum parameters (TC/TOC/TIC/EC/BOC)

  • Fully automated TOC/TIC/TC determination in an analysis sequence
  • Compliant TOC determination
  • Best results in the TOC analysis by free choice of the optimal determination principle (either directly or by differential method)
  • Innovative pyrolysis option to determine the parameters EC and BOC

Simultaneous detection of carbon and sulfur

  • Thanks to special wide-range NDIR detectors
  • Broad, dynamic measurement range of ppm to percentage 
  • Highly resistant materials, a specialized optical configuration and efficient gas cleaning guarantee long-term stability, even for the most challenging applications 

Detection of chlorine

  • A wide-range coulometer and innovative split technology are available for chlorine analyses across a broad operation range
  • Robust, low-maintenance measuring cell with unique patented combination electrode

Solids analysis — easily and reliably

  • Unique application diversity
  • Highly convenient operation 
  • Intuitive software navigation 
  • Minimal maintenance requirement 
  • Low operating costs 
  • Self Check System (SCS) 
  • Fully automated solid sampler with high sample throughput

Device Versions

multi EA® 4000 with pre-furnace

This elemental analyzer with additional pyrolysis option is used for the determination of carbon and sulfur. The analyzer is adapted for the combustion of samples at two different temperatures: in an integrated pre-furnace at up to 500 °C and subsequent combustion in an oxygen stream in the high-temperature furnace at a temperature of up to 1500 °C. The temperature of the pre-furnace can be freely selected up to 500 °C.

Upgradable with: 

  • Solids autosampler FPG 48
  • TIC solids module for the direct determination of TIC in solids

multi EA® 4000 with pyrolysis function

This elemental analyzer with integrated pyrolysis function is applied for the determination of carbon and sulfur. The analyzer is adapted for the pyrolysis of samples in the inert gas flow at a freely selectable pyrolysis temperature of up to 1500 °C. The pyrolyzed sample can be combusted afterwards in an oxygen stream at temperatures of up to 1500 °C.

Upgradable with:

  • Solids autosampler FPG 48
  • TIC solids module for the direct determination of TIC in solids


The self-explanatory software multiWin® guides you through all the relevant menu items. multiWin® monitors and regulates all important system parameters for the analyzer, as well as the connected modules.

The software immediately issues corresponding messages to inform you of any errors that may occur when configuring the system or due to the input of unsuitable parameters. Unusable results are avoided right from the start.

multiWin® checks the performance of the analysis system as well as the analysis quality, clearly displays the results in individual analysis reports and much more.


Solid autosampler FPG 48 — for solid and paste-like samples

TIC solids module — for the direct determination of TIC in solids

  • Manually 
  • Automatically

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The multi EA® 4000 offers precise and reliable macro elemental analysis for the parameters TS, TC, TX, TOC, TIC, EC and BOC in organic and inorganic solids, e. g. soil samples, sediments, construction materials, combustibles, ashes, polymers, waste, catalysts, minerals or fertilizers.


Type of sample


C and S

Combusibles, such as coal, coke, heavy oil, Asg, slag,

Raw materials, e.g. ores, bauxite

Energy generation

Heating and power stations

Coal and ore mining

C and S

Construction materials, e.g. cement, gypsum, ceramic, glass, clay

Cement industry

Ceramic applications

Glass industry


Plants, soil, fertilizer, rubber, catalysts


Fertilizer and chemical industry

Tire industry


Soil, sediment, waste

Environmental monitoring and recycling

Active carbon

Foundry sand



Substitute fuels, e.g. plastic, waste, consumed oil, domestic waste


Cement industry

Power plants

Application Notes

Application Note Determination of Total Chlorine in Derived or Secondary Fuels

Application Note Comparison of TOC Determination Methods in Soil Samples



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