PlasmaQuant® MS

PlasmaQuant® MS Eco Plasma

Eco Plasma

The PlasmaQuant® MS series incorporates a highly efficient, virtual center-grounded RF generator, producing an extremely robust plasma with a conventional torch using as little as 7 L/min plasma gas. As the plasma is electrically neutral, secondary discharge is eliminated without the need for a torch shield and the kinetic energy spread of the ions is kept to a minimum for maximum ion transmission. Able to run any sample matrix from waste water to organic solvents, the PlasmaQuant® MS offers reliable performance at greatly reduced operating cost.

Eco Plasma — your benefits

  • New and advanced design
  • Robust plasma performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Lowest operating costs



PlasmaQuant® MS iCRC


The integrated Collision Reaction Cell (iCRC) allows for simple and effective interference management from argon and matrix based spectroscopic interferences. Helium (He) and hydrogen (H2) collision and reaction gases are injected into a high pressure/low volume region at the tip of the skimmer cone, promoting many more collisions and reactions with interferences than traditional cell systems. The result is fast, simple and interference-free analysis of your samples.

iCRC — your benefits

  • Efficient removal of spectroscopic interferences
  • Fast switching between gases raises productivity
  • Excellent long term stability with tough samples
  • No additional maintenance

Learn more: Technical Note iCRC





The innovative three-dimensional focusing ion mirror efficiently reflects the ion beam at 90 degrees by generating a parabolic electrostatic field. Analyte ions of different size and energy are tightly focused prior to entering the quadrupole. This ensures maximum signal for all analyte ions across the entire mass range. Photons and neutral particles pass harmlesly through the electrostatic field.

ReflexION — your benefits

  • Reflects the ion beam 90° for superior sensitivity
  • Full 3D ion beam control for easy optimization
  • Low background as photons and neutrals pass straight through
  • No contamination — no maintenance



HD Quadrupole

HD Quadrupole

The true 3MHz, high-definition quadrupole mass analyzer allows the quantification of all known stable isotopes covering the mass range from 3 to 256 amu. It delivers exceptional mass separation for superior abundance sensitivity, making it well suited to isotopic analysis. The ability to quickly scan at rates of 50 µs is ideal for laser ablation and single-particle analysis.

Preceding the quadrupole, the patented self-cleaning curved fringe rods provide a double off-axis mass analyzer, reducing background noise to < 1 count per second.

HD Quadrupole — your benefits

  • True 3MHz quadrupole for superior abundance sensitivity
  • Ultra-fast scan speeds and integration times
  • Low background from double off-axis design
  • No contamination — no maintenance





The all-digital detection system provides ten orders of linear dynamic range in pulse-counting mode only. The ADD10 accurately attenuates strong signals automatically without requiring a separate analog measurement. The benefit is exceptional detector lifetime and fast, accurate multi-element analysis from ultra-trace to major levels in a single measurement.

ADD10 — your benefits

  • Full 10-decades linear dynamic range
  • No inaccurate analog calibrations
  • Exceptional detector lifetime


India Head — Analytical Solutions

Upendra Dixit

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