Accessories for TOC/TNb Analysis

Autosampler for multi N/C® 3100, UV HS, pharma UV, and pharma HT

AS 10 autosampler
Automatic sampler for 10 vials á 50 mL

AS 21 autosampler
Automatic sampler for 21 vials á 50 mL with sample homogenization option

AS vario autosampler
Variable sample racks with up to 146 sample positions. The stirring speed is adjustable to 10 levels selected by the software.

AS vario ER (only for multi N/C® 3100 and multi N/C® UV HS)
The autosampler with an active external needle rinse function for perfect handling of highly particle loaded waste water samples without carry-over issues. Offers variable racks with up to 146 sample positions with contamination-free, individual magnetic stirring function for thorough sample homogenisation prior to measurement.

Automatic sampler with 64 positions for EPA sample vessels (septum-sealed with screw-top) á 40 mL. Special piercing canulas are used to take the samples from the sealed vessels. They also allow the samples to be blown out inside the sealed vessel.

Autosampler for direct injection analyzers multi N/C® 2100S

AS 60
Autosampler for up to 60 vials á 8 mL or up to 112 vials á 2 mL. Each sample is individually homogenized with a contamination-free magnetic stirrer prior to sampling. A wash position is also activated by software. Each sample can be individually stirred which is particularly important for the analysis of samples containing particles.

POC module basic/automatic
For manual or automated operation

ChD solid state chemodetector
For TNb Determination

CLD chemiluminescence detector
For TNb Determination


TOC Solids Module

TOC solids module HT 1300
High-temperature solids combustion system for the analyzers multi N/C® 2100S, 3100 and multi N/C® UV HS (carbon analysis) — Solids module with combustion furnace for the analysis of carbon in solids with sample gas supply system and basic device connection kit. The furnace temperature is adjustable up to 1.300 °C, weighed portions of up to 3 g.

TIC solids module for multi N/C® 2100S, 3100 und UV HS
For direct analysis of TIC in solids

Double furnace technology for multi N/C® 2100S
Liquids and solids can be analyzed without the need for an additional furnace, simple operation and quick changeover from liquid to solid analysis and vice versa.

Swab test module for multi N/C® pharma HT
The swab test module for the TOC analyzer is a module for the direct determination of carbon for cleaning validation by direct swab combustion.


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